Riverboarding Daytrip

Adresse: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal

You thought you could swim – untill you got a riverboard in your hands!

On our riverboard trips you are lying on top of a board swimming down the river.
We start by practicing technique on calm water before we get started on a longer trip down the river. On the way we will stop to play and have fun with everything the river can offer.
More close up contact with a river is hard to find!
A warm shower and hot lunch is waiting for us at our base after the trip.
You will be equipped with riverboard, wet suite, swim shoes, gloves, helmet and life jacket.

Age limit: Must turn 15 by the end of the year
Starting time: Kl 10.00
Total time: Ca 4-5 hours

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At our base we have big rooms that you can stay in which overlook the beautiful Sjoa River.